Patty Kovacevich

Patty’s ease of comfort working with internationally-known public figures shines through her published works which include Feature cover stories in high-end regional and national table top publications. She’s known to unveil the real person behind the public image in a clever and narrative fashion. Her pride-filled Georgia roots and southern upbringing took her in NYC and CT and political fate landed her in southern California. Reflective beach walks and Ashtanga yoga postures are her morning regimen before expertly becoming one with her computer each day. She’s lived the US triangle and traveled abroad, deciding that her next life will be a quaint village in Tuscany. 

Whether it’s Sir Richard Branson, David Oreck, Red Bull Air Race champions Kirby Chambliss and Mike Mangold, John Assaraf, Wendy Walker (Larry King’s Executive Producer), Jennifer Flavin-Stallone (wife of Sylvester Stallone), or travel stories on The Orient-Express, Jet Source, Premier Jet, Raytheon, and other glamorous rendezvous, Patty takes the reader on a magic carpet ride in each story.  Her descriptive home stories have been instrumental in the sale and marketing of multi-million dollar southern California  homes.  Her ad copy for various businesses has been critically acclaimed by clients as the sole key to their products’ success. 

When not writing, Patty is passionately working as Executive Producer and Host of her own internet radio show for over 6 years, The Health and Beauty Revolution Show… On Living a Beautiful Life. Having interviewed over 800 renowned physicians, surgeons, lifestyle experts, and authors, over 500 of whom are New York Times best-selling authors, Patty again displays confident probing and always receives accolades from her esteemed guests. Patty’s guests regularly appear on Oprah, CNN, Anderson Cooper 360, Larry King, MSNBC, GMC, Today Show, The View, The Doctors, and Discovery TV.  

A Public Relations expert, Patty is also CEO of Steel Magnolia Marketing & PR, providing professional consulting to private clients in the health, beauty, and private aviation industry. 

She’s a mother of three gorgeous young adult children who have all chosen creative media as their studies and profession.
Patty Kovacevich

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